What have we funded ?

What projects have received funding so far?

Woodhouse Salvation Army – £1575 for youthwork

Woodhouse West Bowling Club – £900 for seating

Woodhouse Festive Lights – £1126

How have these projects been progressing?

  1. Woodhouse Salvation Army – The children and young people have been learning new creative media skills which have included urban art and DJ skills. The ability to undertake this outside with equipment purchased through the Community First Funding has enabled young people to be involved in community events aid better understanding between local residents and young people and contribute to social cohesion in Woodhouse.  In recognition of this the local TARA (Tenants and Residents Association) in partnership with the Salvation Army organised a ‘celebration of urban art ‘and DJ workshops, this was well attended by the local residents, young people and families. These skills were later put to use when an event was organised to improve the local town square when the urban art skills were put to use by young people to paint graphics that were to placed on the side of new planters in the square. Author: Andrew Watson. Click here to see a photograph of the project
  2. Woodhouse West Bowling Club – With matched funding from Community First WWEBC were able to purchase some “made to measure ” bench seat support brackets. Volunteers then purchased wood and fixings. The support brackets were set into concrete fixings and the wood slats were drilled and bolted to the framework. The volunteers then painted the wood to leave us with five top quality benches that also serve as a barrier to prevent members of the public slipping/tripping on the gabion wall now covered by the seats. Author: Maurice Birch
  3. Woodhouse Festive Lights – We received a grant from Community First, which has enabled us to get a full end to end check of the lights.  Previously we used different companies to check different parts and they all blamed each other where the fault lays.  Having the end to end test has enabled us to pin point issues and have them corrected. Transformers which should be in water tight containers were found under water as screws were missing from the lids, enabling water to get into the container but nowhere to drain.  The containers have now been repaired and drain holes put in so water can escape, should we encounter a similar issue.  New safety trip switches have been installed as the old ones were faulty. We are currently monitoring the transformers to see if they need replacing after they dry out, but hopefully the Woodhouse festive lights should be in full bloom over the Christmas period. Author: Mark Steele.  Click here to see a photograph of the project

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